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Flange Adaptors

Cascade offer a selection of Flange Adaptors for use on all common pipe materials. Our Wide Tolerance range of couplings are suitable for Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Asbestos Cement, PVC, ABS and more. They are rated to 16 bar and come with an EPDM gasket suitable for drinking water. 

Cascade also offer End Restraint products for use on HDPE, MDPE, PE100, PVC, PVC-O and barrier pipe. These fittings are rated to 16 bar and have gripper teeth installed in them to bite down on the pipe to prevent movement or leaks under pressure. 

  • SALE
    Cascade 2"/50mm Wide Tolerance Flange Adaptor

    Cascade Wide Tolerance Flange Adaptor

    The Cascade Wide Tolerance Range has a 40% wider range than most other couplings and flange adaptors in the market, allowing them to cover more than one pipes outside diameter. often replacing the need for a stepped coupling or adaptor, this cuts down...

    Was: £42.13
    Now: £41.98 inc. VAT
    Was: £35.11
    Now: £34.98 ex. VAT
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  • WAGA End Restraint Flange Adaptor Larger Diameter WAGA Flange Adaptors

    WAGA End Restraint Flange Adaptor

    WAGA End Loading Flange Adaptors are ideal where standard Flange Adaptors will not hold due to pipe material or pressure as their teeth and multi-segment gasket system ensure a firm grip. These fittings will work on all common pipe materials and...

    £106.51 inc. VAT
    £88.76 ex. VAT
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