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Modular Service Saddles

  • QTI Complete Isolation Valve QTI on Ductile Tee.

    QTI Complete Isolation Valve

    The QT-I is a complete isolation valve designed for risers and under hydrants, but will also act as a valve when connected to a Under Pressure Tee. The clever design allows the fitting to connect to the Tee by means of pre-installed bolts which...

  • HTS on pipe HTS isolation blades

    Hot Tapping Saddle (HTS)

    The Cascade Hot Tapping Saddle is a clever and simple way to make connections in a water supply network. Its specially designed double joint gasket makes a firm grip against the pipe, and the safety collar ensures no water escapes from the blade access...

  • Q-Tee Saddle on PE Pipe with Blade Q-Tee Isolation Blade

    Q-Tee Saddle

    The Q-Tee Tapping Saddle is ideal for creating service connections and for hot tapping into the main. Its design makes it simple to install as it sits perfectly on the pipe, two lugs hold one side of the straps firmly in place allowing the user to bend...